It is our goal to help organizations work as efficiently as possible. We provide high end technology for your payroll and HR needs. As such, with our services you can lower your labor costs, streamline your processes, and obtain reports on the information you need in a timely manner.

Consolidate and Streamline Payroll and HR System

  • Ability to consolidate payroll and HR functionality into one system for unlimited users. This way you reduce costs for purchasing and maintaining multiple systems and user licenses.
  • Enter employee data only once and eliminate the risk of errors and manual re-keying of information.
  • One application to meet your personnel needs that include but are not limited to Payroll, HR Information Management, Background Checks, Benefit and COBRA administration.

Manage Labor Costs

  • Manage your labor costs by accurately tracking time, reporting on labor distribution, unused deductions, overtime and the company's liabilities, Workers' Comp, and much more. Export these reports to Excel.

 Import Your General Ledger Report

  • Online Payroll Center will set up your General Ledger Report with your company's chart of accounts prior to your first payroll. The report is provided in Excel for easy incorporation into the accounting software.

Reports in Excel or PDF Formats

  • We provide reports on the following: GL, 401K, Workers' Comp, Labor Distribution, Turnover, Average Hours Worked, and much more. Each report is available for your convenience in Excel and PDF.  

Create Custom Reports

  • Create custom reports using our Report Writer feature. With this tool filter the reports to your specifications. Search by active and terminated employees, hourly and salaried employees, subtotal by company, employee or department. You can save the report format and share it with other users.

Safeguard Payroll Data

  • We provide safe and secure systems to all users.
  • All systems are tracked with audit trail which provides additional security.

Employee and System Changes

  • Access employee information anytime and anywhere. Anything from demographics, pay rates and taxes, deductions, HR data, and much more is available to make changes anytime.
  • Our system keeps an audit trail of any changes made.