Payroll Managers

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Payroll Managers

Online Payroll Center provides a cost effective solution that will help your staff to process payroll accurately and efficiently. We want to help you process payroll quickly and accurately.

Personal Service from a Payroll Specialist

Live help is available anytime to help you meet your needs:

  • There are no automated phone systems or case numbers.
  • Highly - trained payroll specialist will assist you that personally knows your company and the type of payroll needs your company has.

Real-Time Access to Your Data

  • Access your payroll system anytime from any computer with Internet access. Changes are made in real-time, reports are up-to-date and accurate, multiple offices and users share current information.

Easy to Update Employee Information

  • Make employee changes using one screen where you can access everything from demographics, pay rates, and taxes, to deductions, accruals, and HR information.

Save Time With Batch Editing

  • If you need to make the same change to multiple employees, then you can use our Batch Editing Feature. This feature and fast and easy to use. You can change deductions, benefits, overtime, etc.

Unlimited Number of Earnings and Deductions

  • Earnings and Deductions can be customized to the needs of your business and our Effective Dating feature allows you to set them up with future start dates.

Payroll Verification Prior to Processing

Eliminate payroll surprises

  • Verify earnings and deductions before processing the payroll.

Void Incorrect Checks

  • With our Manuals and Voids function you can void an incorrect check and issue a Manual Check on your company check stock. You can factor in the earnings and deductions and the taxes and paperwork will be automatically calculated and added to your next payroll.

Integrated Time and Attendance

Integration of all your payroll services will help you lower your labor costs.

  • Eliminate manual data entry of time-sheets
  • Easy employee access online. Employees can enter and/or edit their timesheet online.
  • The information is updated in the payroll system with a click of a mouse real time.

Receive Payroll Reports Soon After Payroll is Processed

  • Standard reports such as Cash Requirement Statement, Check Register, Net Pay Register, Deduction Report, GL Report and much more is available to you within hours of processing your payroll.