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Online Document Management Services

Pock’s advanced technology provides employers user-friendly solutions to maintain employee files. Our company Document Management service allows for secure storage of documents. As part of our suite of human resources management tools and services, our secure document management portal plays a crucial role in helping companies manage their growing stock of documents.

Online Document Storage

Easy Document Management access.

  • Store forms such as: policy acknowledgements, training documents, I-9s, Background Checks, employee handbooks, and other important documentation.
  • On-Boarding/Off-Boarding solutions for new hires. Optimized data collection and data management.

Improved Efficiency

  • Easy managing and maintaining of employee files
  • Employees can view and acknowledge important company policies and other relevant information.

Electronic Signature Verification

We provide ability to use Electronic Signature Verification (ESV) to expedite the process of employee paperwork. ESV replaces hard copy signature forms and improves staff productivity.

Store Documents Online

  • Customize access for each employee protecting confidential information.
  • Access information anytime and anywhere with your own credentials.
  • Cutting-edge security measures: customized user access levels, fraud detection reports, offsite backup location, and 24/7 system monitoring.
  • Reports can be uploaded to the employee's file. Acceptable formats include: CSV, DOC, MDB, PDF, TXT, XLS, and ZIP.

Document Management

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