HR Management

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Human Resources Management Services for Small Business

Confidential and critical HR information is easily accessed with our highly advanced technology. With our cutting-edge technology you will eliminate duplicate data entry and easily access the data you need. Contact us to learn more about our Human Resources Management services.

One System to Meet your HR Needs

Our single database application will help you consolidate all your HR needs. Track and navigate employee data real time anything from new hire to retirement.

  • HR section of our application includes everything from Background Checks, Benefit Administration, COBRA Compliance, HR Information Management, Payroll, as well as Time and Attendance.
  • Single system eliminates errors and inconsistencies that could result from re-keying and maintaining employee information.
  • Information is kept up-to-date and consistent company wide.
  • The system can be accessed by multiple users at any time while keeping the information confidential and secure.

Specific HR Requirement Customization

Our custom fields include any employee data you wish to manage.

  • Easy access to historical information of current and terminated employees.
  • Manage any company specific and industry-required information for any employee.
  • Using drop-down lists, manage permits, training, certification, termination reason, and much more for each employee.

Government and Compliance Tools

Ability to store and track HR information pertaining to government and compliance data for the employees.

  • Create any government specific reports for veterans or other employees.
  • Monitor Unemployment statistics including employee termination reasons.
  • Enter COBRA details
  • Track FMLA incidents

Quick Turnaround

Get the information you need when you need it.

  • Generate any reports within hours of submitting the payroll.
  • The reports include but are not limited to: New Employee Report, 401(k) Report, Workers' Compensation Report, Accrued Hours Report, and more.