On -Boarding -350

On-Boarding & Off-Boarding Services

Online Payroll Center’s advanced Payroll and HR technology provides one application to effectively manage the employment process. Our On-Boarding/Off-Boarding feature allows you to streamline hiring processes and better manage the communication between employee and the employer.

Automated Employment Process

  • Increase productivity of each employee by lowering risks associated with new hires and transfers.
  • Prioritize tasks to increase productivity and increase fast turnaround.
  • Eliminate errors and inconsistencies resulted from manual errors.

Easier Hiring Process

  • Setup Task menus to help users navigate through the task panes and complete assigned tasks.
  • Each user has a unique ID and can access the tasks 24/7 any time and anywhere as long as there is computer access.
  • Easy transition of employees hiring process anything from submitting W-4, verifying I-9 status, and setting up payroll.
  • Off-Boarding Process - Easy transition of employees' departure. Tasks include anything from exit interview, turning in secured ID, and changing employment status.

Checks and Balances System

  • Create checklists and associate employee specific tasks to each employee.
  • Employees can view and edit their task checklists.
  • Set up On-Boarding/Off-Boarding processes for each employee.

Electronic Signature Verification

We provide ability to use Electronic Signature Verification (ESV) to expedite the process of employee paperwork. ESV replaces hard copy signature forms and improves staff productivity.