Grocer -350


We provide online solution for single and/or multiple-location grocers to meet your payroll and HR needs.

Multiple Locations

  • Corporate and location managers have real-time access to employee information. Our application allows you to set up unlimited number of users with customized access to protect confidential information.

Easily Setup New Locations

  • We setup your locations and provide detailed training to your employees.

Ability to Integrate Payroll with Your POS System

  • We can input the data for safe and accurate payroll processing and reporting, if you're tracking employee time through a POS system.

Export General Ledger Report to Excel

  • Easily transfer your GL into your dealership's accounting software.

Run Payroll from Anywhere and Anytime

  • Our high-tech system allows you to manage your payroll anytime and anywhere.

Receive Free New Hire Reporting

  • Online Payroll Center's New Hire Reporting package is included in our payroll and we send in the state-required data on your behalf.

Re-Hire With Ease

  • We have an easy process to re-hire workers. If an employee is terminated they can be marked as Re-hirable. With one click away you can rehire an employee.

Manage Garnishments

  • Ability to efficiently manage garnishments while maintains full control.

Minimum Wage

  • Our system will automatically alert you if your employee's pay does not meet the Department of Labor's Minimum Wage requirements.

Employee Changes

  • Access employee information anytime and anywhere. Anything from demographics, pay rates and taxes, deductions, HR data, and much more is available to make changes anytime.

Track Employee Information

  • Online Payroll Center's highly advanced tools allow you to store important data on FMLA, OSHA, Workers' Comp, EEO, Permits, Licenses, Training, I-9 information, and much more relevant to your particular franchise.

Real-Time Reports

  • Manage overtime, labor distribution, Workers' Comp, and any custom information using our Report Writer.