Medical -350


We provide highly advanced payroll and HR functionality with a great reporting package to our medical facilities.

Easy Shift Differentials 

  • Online Payroll Center's payroll and integrated time and attendance system tracks employee shift differentials and associated earnings. In addition, we can customize rules for to meet your facilities needs.

Track and Report on Quality of Care Information 

  • Run a time detail report on a daily basis and filter by specific time frames for a breakdown of employee shits.

Background Checks

  • We can automate the background check during the hiring process. Enter the applicant's information and with a button click run background check. You can run background checks on current employees as well in compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Unlimited Earnings and Deductions

  • Customize Earnings and Deductions your hotel's needs. Our Dating feature allows you to set up earnings and deductions with future start dates.

Labor Distribution Management

  • Allocate payroll earnings to different departments with our Labor Distribution tools.

Paperless Timesheets

  • Timesheet data is automatically transferred to payroll when the employees clock in and out online thus reducing errors in mis-keyed and calculated hours.

Compliance Data

  • Online Payroll Center's highly advanced tool allows your to track certifications, permits, and training. Online Payroll Center's tools allow you to store important data on FMLA, OSHA, Workers' Comp, EEO, Permits, Licenses, Training, I-9 information, and much more relevant to your particular

Free New Hire Reporting

  • Online Payroll Center's New Hire Reporting is included in the payroll package that we offer and we can send in the state-required data for you.

Re-Hire With Ease

  • We have an easy process to re-hire workers. If an employee is terminated they can be marked as Re-hireable. With one click away you can rehire an employee.

Manage Garnishments

  • Ability to efficiently manage garnishments while maintaining full control.

Employee Changes

  • Access employee information anytime and anywhere. Anything from demographics, pay rates and taxes, deductions, HR data, and much more is available to make changes anytime.

Multiple Locations

  • Corporate and location managers have real-time access to employee information. Our application allows you to set up unlimited number of users with customized access to protect confidential information.