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We provide highly advanced payroll and HR functionality with a great reporting package to our Non-Profit organizations.

Get the Most Value for Your Payroll and HR System

  • Our consolidated payroll and HR functionality allows you to have unlimited users. This reduces the cost for purchasing and maintaining multiple systems and obtains user licenses.

Consolidate and Streamline Payroll and HR System

  • Ability to consolidate payroll and HR functionality into one system for unlimited users. This way you reduce costs for purchasing and maintaining multiple systems and user licenses.
  • Enter employee data only once and eliminate the risk of errors and manual re-keying of information.
  • One application to meet your personnel needs that include but are not limited to Payroll, HR Information Management, Background Checks, Benefit and COBRA administration.

Integrated Time and Attendance

  • Employees can manage their hours through online timesheets and/or clock in and out at their desk. Supervisors have the ability to approve the employee timesheets online.

Labor Distribution Management

  • Allocate payroll earnings to different departments with our Labor Distribution tools.

Export General Ledger Report to Excel

  • Easily transfer your GL into your dealership's accounting software.

Manage Labor Costs With Real-Time Reports

  • Online Payroll Center helps you to better manage your labor costs. Online Payroll Center's reports and the flexibility of our Report Writer can help you manage overtime, labor distribution, Workers' Comp, and much more. Historical data pertaining to active or terminated employees is always available to you anytime and anywhere. Export this reports to Excel.

Track Employee Information

  • Online Payroll Center's highly advanced tools allow you to store important data on FMLA, OSHA, Workers' Comp, EEO, Permits, Licenses, Training, I-9 information, and much more relevant to your particular franchise.

Employee Changes

  • Access employee information anytime and anywhere. Anything from demographics, pay rates and taxes, deductions, HR data, and much more is available to make changes anytime.


  • Employees can view their paystubs, deductions, request time off online. They can enroll and manage their benefit information as well. In addition, they can clock in and clock out using the online time sheet.