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Integrated Payroll Processing Services for Small Business

Spend less time to process your payroll with Online Payroll Center’s efficient and easy web-based payroll services. Simple screens and step by step navigation of the site will help you manage your employee data and process your payroll fast and easy.

Any Time Access to Your Payroll Information

This is an excellent benefit of web-based application like Online Payroll Center's because the user can:

  • Make changes, run reports, and process payroll whenever and wherever as long as there is internet access.
  • The information is updated real-time and multiple clients share the same system from their own location
  • While multiple users can use the system simultaneously the users' confidential information is safely protected

Personal Service from a Payroll Specialist

Live help is available anytime to help you meet your needs:

  • There are no automated phone systems or case numbers.
  • Highly-trained payroll specialist will assist you that personally knows your company and the type of payroll needs your company has

Helpful Functionality

Efficient and user friendly application that is designed by payroll professionals for payroll professionals:

  • One screen for all your employee payroll needs: demographics, pay rates, taxes, deductions, and HR information.
  • Fast and easy changes to the : 401(k) deductions, PTO accruals, pay rates, Worker's Compensation codes, and much more
  • Easy monitoring of your payroll deductions

Payroll Verification Prior to Processing

Eliminate payroll surprises

  • Verify earnings and deductions before processing the payroll

Integrated Time and Attendance

Integration of all your payroll services will help you lower your labor costs.

  • Eliminate manual data entry of time-sheets
  • Easy employee access online. Employees can enter and/or edit their timesheet online
  • The information is updated in the payroll system with a click of a mouse real time.

Online Payroll Center Pay

Get rid of the liability of live payroll checks.

  • With this feature all live checks issued to employees clear off of Online Payroll Center's special bank account that eliminates the need for bank reconciliation thus saving you time and money.

Fast and Easy Reports

Get the information you need when you need it and where you need it.

  • Access your reports within a couple of hours of submitting your payroll.
  • The reports include: Cash Requirement Statement, Check Register, Net Pay Register, Deduction Report, GL Report, and more.
  • Reports are available in text and excel.

Monitoring of System Changes

Monitor system changes with our audit trail.

  • Any system change is tracked whether it's a change to the employee timesheet or salary increase/decrease. In addition, you get to see who and when the changes were made.