Time and Attendance

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Online Time Clock Service

Online Payroll Center’s time and attendance service helps you accurately manage your employees’ hours. It can be used independently or as part of a comprehensive plan addressing your payroll needs including direct deposit, and payroll tax management.

Integration with Payroll

The integration saves you time and improves the accuracy of your data.

  • Eliminate manual calculation of time sheets and keying the information into the payroll system. Enter the data once and manage it with the time and attendance data eliminating the additional work and errors in the manual entry.

Time and Dollars Saved

Manual entry of the data causes inaccuracies in employee reported time that cost employers thousands of dollars each year. For example:

  • If you have 10 employees rounding their time up by 5 minutes per day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, you're losing 217 hours a year. At $10 the annual loss is $2,170.
  • Automatic time collection helps you save time and money.

Accurate, Flexible, and Confidential Time Collection

Online Payroll Center has a time collection solution to meet our clients' needs regardless of the method.

  • Employees can clock in and out at their desks with web-based time clocks. Our efficient filtering system can block unauthorized networks such as entering time from home.
  • Our secure biometric terminals will help you avoid unauthorized people to enter time on behalf of others.
  • We can also provide hardware terminals where the employees can punch their time cards, swipe a bar coded badge, or key in badge numbers.
  • Online time card available. Employees and Supervisors can review and approve the time cards through our online systems.

Better Time Card Management

Online systems help employers manage time cards.

  • Manage employee time cards for sick time, PTO, holiday hours, and/or other editing matters.
  • Use Audit Report feature to view any edit made to the time card by the employee. The report can be viewed by pay period.
  • Run our Punch Audit Report to show every punch and edit made to a time card, including the date and time it was made, who made it, and any special comments.

Client based Customization

Online Payroll Center can customize the payroll rules to meet your requirements.

  • Lunchtime deductions, overtime calculation, holiday hours, weekends.

Time Off Requests

Time off requests are documented and automated.

  • Employees request time off using Online Payroll Center's online method. They can view their accrued PTO, enter the supervisor's name for approval, and add additional comments if needed.
  • Supervisors can review, approve or deny the time off request online. In addition, they can review how much PTO the employee has accrued in order to prevent negative time off requests.