Our System

We believe our mission is reflected in our service:

No Contracts - Online Payroll Center does not require term agreements so customers only stay on the service for as long as they are satisfied.

24/7 Access to Your Data -  Online Payroll Center's web-based solution  provides users anytime access from anywhere. We do not purge your data for terminated or current employees so you always have access to your historical information.

Employee Self-Service - Providing employees online access to their pay stubs, accrual information, deductions,

One Point of Contact - Dedicating a Customer Service Representative for each customer means they know who you are when you call. And they are your contact for any inquiry whether it's for payroll, payroll taxes, or any other software-related question. And we don't use an automated phone system so you get the live help you need when you need it.

Paperless Payroll Options - Through direct deposit, digital storage of payroll and HR information, online time collection and benefit administration, we offer the perfect paperless payroll solution.